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February, 2016 update.

There has been a lot of rumors going around that Chapterhouse is out of business.  While we have not had the resource or time to release anything new lately we are still taking orders and producing kits.  Many kits are being recast as we speak, such as the conversion kits for the Storm Raven, Razorback and Land Raider tanks.

We just shipped out 50 orders that were waiting (patiently which we appreciate greatly) for restock.  You will receive emails with order updates saying when your order has shipped.  At this time if you have a Paypal Claim open we will refund your order.  There have been instances where customers ask paypay for a refund when their order has been shipped and is in international transit.  We will not risk those customers letting paypal as they frequently do, take the money and then we are out of shipping+product+money.

I, personally appologize for the delay in orders.  Shipping is slower then it used to be since I do run Chapterhouse part time now.  If shipping time is critical or you cannot wait for orders to be shipped I ask you not to place an order in bad faith.  There will be a delay in shipping due to stock and other reasons, usually a 7-14 days if that long.

ChapterHouse Studios specializes in the creation of high end resin and metal miniature kits and bits applicable for use with a variety of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k models and the games. Our mission is to help address public demand for unavailable parts and iconography with the highest standards possible. The general idea of our company is that every player should be able to add his own style and flavor to the models and armies they own and we aim to help do that. 



Chapter House Studios